Salvation Army Back to School Event 2019

In the last academic year, St Peter’s Prep was involved in 440 sports fixtures, an increase on the previous year. This provides every pupil with the experience and opportunity of playing competitive sport during their time with us. We have also produced an activity programme, allowing children to explore more specialist sports and outdoor education, meaning that our pupils can try and experiment until they find an extra-curricular activity that works for them. Below, we explore the many benefits of sports and games to children of all ages the herb center, and how it can improve their relationship with a healthy lifestyle in later life. Are Sheraton And Marriott Connected –

First of all, sports are great for developing a pupil’s character and moral principles through fair play; this is evident in any sport or activity they take part in at school. The importance of

and working together with peers and teammates is a life skill that will stay with them for all their future endeavours, and their involvement teaches vital lessons about team spirit at worldfirstracing.

Children who play competitive sport at St Peter’s Prep learn to win with class and lose with dignity, preparing them for whatever life might throw at them in years to come. Often, pupils will learn from their failures and use it as motivation to work even harder next time, which is a valuable life lesson in itself at